Main concepts

Cashculator separates plan and actual data, allowing you to see how your actual finances compare against the plan. If you only use it for planning, no need to enter actual transactions.


Presenting data using familiar spreadsheet concepts, Cashculator gives a quick overview of the state of finances over time.

Spreadsheet tables can present data aggregated into monthly or weekly columns (or yearly for reports)

Cashculator Expenses table

The Horizon control in the bottom-right of the window selects how far into the past and into the future the tables and report should display, relative to the current date. This will add or remove columns in the table as needed.

Cashculator Horizon control

The Reconciliation table (Reconcile screen) provides a quick way to compare factual “real-life” balance (total balance in bank accounts + cash) vs the one in the application and, if needed, override the calculated total balance in the app with the factual balance (basing future calculations on more precise numbers).

Alternatively, if precise tracking in Cashculator is desired, you can update transactions in Cashculator so that the factual and app balances reconcile.

Multiple scenarios for each Cashculator document can be created (from scratch or by duplicating an existing scenario) to make minor changes and see how different plans compare

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