What’s new in Cashculator 2

Below you’ll find information about changes in Cashculator version 2 versus 1.

This page was last updated for version 2.0.
For later changes, read the full Release Notes.

Top feature requests

  • Weekly planning views (each column in the spreadsheet is a week) in addition to the monthly one in version 1. You can switch freely between them. Reports also add yearly columns.
  • Income and expenses categories can now be organized into groups to provide a personalized, higher level view of cash flow.

Additional improvements

  • Categories are no longer separated into recurring and non-recurring. A plan category can now include both one-time and recurring transactions.
  • The transactions are much more flexible now, with precise dates, and better repeating options for the plans. For example, you can have a planned transaction for a bi-weekly salary on prices dates and see it reflected in both the weekly and monthly forecasts.
  • Printable income, expense, reconciliation and report tables
  • The application is now document-based, making it easier to keep several plans completely separate (for example, one for your household finances and one for your small business person). This could also be helpful for any financial consultants wanting to use Cashculator for clients or for adults who manage their parents’ finances.
  • Templates for new documents for a variety of scenarios (gig workers, families, students, retirees etc)
  • Fully localized into German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese.
  • Fully refreshed UI built on modern macOS foundations
  • Removed the Compare screen although not the feature. It’s still easy to compare by clicking on different scenarios in the sidebar.
  • We have much more planned for post 2.x, including better planning for investments, more reports, import/export of data and possibly multiple currencies! Let us know what you’re looking for on our forums.


Cashculator is available as a freemium app on the Mac App Store.
The free trial version allows you to add up to five income and five expense categories. When you’re ready to buy, choose between a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock unlimited transactions.

Minimum Requirements

Mac OS X Version 12.0 (Monterey) or later

Please contact us at support@apparentsoft.com if you need to run Cashculator on an older machine.