Taking a closer look at your finances with Cashculator has never been easier, all thanks to the new Zoom feature. This tool allows users of all ages to effortlessly zoom in or out of their budgeting documents, providing a smooth and customizable experience. With the simple press of a key combination, you can now take full control of your financial data view.

Low vision users can improve readability with the new zoom feature in Cashculator

Just use the familiar keyboard shortcuts, Command-➕ to make Cashculator bigger, zooming in, or Command- to make it smaller, zooming out to see more information at once. You can instantly adjust the size of the text and numbers to your preference. Whether you prefer a detailed view to closely examine the details or a bird’s-eye overview to get a big picture perspective, the Zoom feature adapts to your needs and ensures maximum readability.

Cashculator’s Zoom, together with custom color themes, including those designed for users with color vision deficiency, help make managing personal finances easier for anyone with low vision. Please get in touch if there are other ways we can improve Cashculator’s accessibility. We’d love to hear from you!

Press command "+" and "-" to zoom in and out in Cashculator

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